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    Enhance deflection, boost CSAT and take better decisions with AI that does it all

    Help customers and agents to help themselves with AI-powered algorithms that map query context to deliver personalized and relevant search results, thus boosting CSAT.

    Interact with your customers on a more relatable platform with chatbots that are built on the same intelligence as your search engine.

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    Boost case deflection on your communities by leveraging AI to recommend the right content to your users at the right time.

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    Reimagine the service experience with AI that bridges silos. Leverage search relevance to inform positioning of results across platforms. Articles that are most often used by support agents to resolve issues will rank higher on self-help portals. On the other hand, the results that a user clicks on will inform ranking of the results for similar queries inside the support console.

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    Rooted in Support. Scaling with AI.

    Born out of a company that has a long history of improving support outcomes for hundreds of customers, our team understands self-service and support better than any other search vendor.

    Secure Access. Controlled Output.

    Security of your data is our priority. Partner with a single-tenant solution that gives you the ability to store data on cloud, hybrid and on-premise.

    Transparent Pricing. No guesswork.

    Scale without fear of added costs. Feel the difference with a simple pricing model - no extra costs per connector, user-level analytics or reports.


    We're proud that the buck stops with us. No need to pay extra to implementation partners. All custom requirements met in-house to ensure a hassle free deployment.

    Advanced AI. Delivered Faster.

    Go live within a week by leveraging pre-built connectors and easy-to-implement SDK that make deployments easier and faster.

    Connected Enterprises. Better Results.

    Extend the product outside of the core implementation with universal APIs to take your engines’ intelligence anywhere across the enterprise.




    A comprehensive guide on the role of cognitive search in elevating the user experience and conversion rates on your e-commerce site with enhanced product discovery and search relevancy.

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    Double Win: Transforming Customer and Employee Experience with AI

    Watch this webinar to dive deep into how cognitive technologies play a pivotal role in elevating customer and employee experiences at each touchpoint across their journey.




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